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I'm a visual communicator. I make sense of abstract concepts through illustration or graphic design. 


I work with traditional art mediums as well as digital softwares.  I am also a printmaker working primarily with screen printing. 


My inspirations centre around spirituality and female power.  My artwork invites introspection and empowerment. It often reflects a sense of quirkiness that piques one’s curiosity.  I believe art is a powerful tool for social change and aim to inspire people through my work.


I often come up with studies of drawings first. Then I'd experiment with different mediums for colour and texture.  For example, I use charcoal to express heavy or strong energy , acrylic for a warm or lighter mood.  I love the handmade quality and versatility in colour expression of screen printing.  I also enjoy making zines, a form of art with a crafty element to it.

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